Meet the Team

This small team has dedicated over three  years to the creation and production of Breaking Silence

Nadya Ali is a 25-year-old aspiring documentary filmmaker. She graduated from Barnard College with a BA in environmental biology and human rights.  She has experience as a production and research associate for feature documentary films, as well as experience in human rights and environmentally-focused organizations. Her passion is exposing truths relating to social, conservation, and environmental issues.

Nadya is the director and producer of Breaking Silence. She was inspired to make Breaking Silence after knowing for several years about family members and friends who were sexually assaulted in their childhood. She hopes this film will help inspire them, along with millions of others, to break their silence. 




Salah Anwar is a 27 year old post production and a field sound mixing professional. He moved to the US from Egypt four years ago with experience in Islamic and secular law, which helped spark his interest in pursuing documentary film and visual work related to human rights issues. Salah received many student nominations and awards during his film student years.

Salah has worn many hats in the production of Breaking Silence. His most salient roles are Director of Photography, Assistant Editor, and Producer. 



Isabel Ponte is a documentary film editor living in Brooklyn. She’s worked on a range of projects, from a film about fossil theft to a forthcoming Op-Docs short, to a movie about activist nuns. Before signing on to edit Breaking Silence, she was an intern and assistant editor at Jigsaw Productions.